Krieger Specialty Products
Acoustical and SCIF
Krieger’s acoustical door and window products are used in premier performance venues, schools and universities, government facilities, and commercial and industrial applications where sound control, sound enhancement, and noise reduction are of primary concern.

Our sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) compliant products are designed and manufactured to meet regulations of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center.
STC Ratings
Door Assemblies
Up to STC 55
Up to STC 56
Tests and Certifications
ASTM E1408
ASTM A 1008
DCID 6/9
ICPM 2006-700-7
(Cold-rolled steel sheet, commercial quality)
Custom Manufactured to Your Specifications
Door Configuration
Krieger’s acoustical doors are available in single or paired hinged door assemblies. All assemblies can be configured with manual or power-operated controls, and with or without vision lites, side lites, and transoms.

We offer standard frame designs as well as specially engineered frame profiles to complement any wall construction or architectural style. You can also add decorative mullions and moldings to match the design of your project.

National Historic Preservation Act Compliant
Krieger doors can be crafted to ensure visual compatibility with architectural features on historical buildings in compliance with National Historic Preservation Act guidelines.
Complete Assembly
Krieger acoustical doors are delivered as complete assemblies guaranteed to perform according to your specifications.
Acoustical assembly includes:
Door Panel
Krieger acoustical assemblies are covered by our Acoustical Guarantee and industry-leading 10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

Pre-Engineered Models
A sample of Krieger’s acoustical doors and windows.
View Pre-Engineered Models
Vision Lites • Side Lites • Transoms
Tested and certified acoustical glass or fire-rated glass and glazing materials are available for acoustical door assemblies with vision lites, side lites, or transoms.

Adjustable blinds in between the panes of glass are available to control the amount of light and provide added privacy and security.

Note: The vision lite area may impact the door’s STC rating. See comparison chart below for guidelines. For more information, contact us to discuss your project.
Fire Labels and Positive Pressure
Metal Doors Up to 3 Hours:
Certified in accordance with UL 10C, UBC 7-2, UBC 7-4. 250º, 450º, 650º temperature rise, up to 3 hours

Wood Veneer Doors Up to 60 Minutes:
UL Labels: Smoke, 20, 45, and 60 minutes
Cam Lift Hinge
Krieger’s industry-leading Cam Lift Hinge is included with higher STC-rated assemblies (doors with STC 45 or lower come with a standard or butt hinge).

The unique design of the Cam Lift Hinge offers enhanced radial strength, longer lasting performance, and easy maintenance.

Cam Lift Hinges come in standard or electrified models.

More Information on Cam Lift Hinges
Builders Hardware
Krieger acoustical door assemblies are designed to interface with the hardware you have chosen for your project.

This includes locks and locksets, thresholds, hinges, and other accessories.

View Krieger Recommended Hardware
ADA Compliant
Krieger’s acoustical door assemblies meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) threshold requirements of ½" without portable ramps, allowing them to be used in any location.

In addition, lab testing of our Cam Lift Hinge shows it to be fully compliant with ADA requirements for the maximum force required to pull the door open (less than 5 pounds on door leaves under 500 pounds), which means it can be used in any location, even for heavy doors.
Door Sizes
Krieger can design and manufacture doors in standard and custom sizes. No limits.

Oversized Doors
Whether you’re moving around extra-large items like machinery, stage props, or athletic equipment, or you require acoustical seals for HVAC cooling or simply blocking out noise, Krieger’s oversized doors have you covered.

More Information on Oversized Doors
SCIF Compliant Doors
Krieger’s SCIF compliant acoustical door assemblies are custom-engineered to meet the regulations of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center.

View SCIF Compliant Pre-Engineered Models

705 SCIF Door and Lock Package
Our 705 SCIF Door and Lock Package is an all-in-one solution that is 100% ICD 705 certified and meets SCIF Sound Group 3 and 4 standards.

The complete package includes the door, frame, hinges, closer, threshold, door bottom, seal system, and a Sargent & Greenleaf or Lockmasters locking device—and is shipped as complete unit with the lock installed. View Full Package Details
Combined Bullet Rating
Krieger acoustical doors can be configured with a built-in bullet resistance rating of UL 752 up to Level 3 for an added layer of safety during an active shooter event. Contact your Sales Representative for more information.
Acoustical Rating Bullet Resistance
STC 45 - 48 UL Level 1 & 2
STC 49 - 55 UL Level 3
Higher bullet ratings are available up to Level 10. More Bullet-Resistant Door Information
Specialized Hybrid Performance
Krieger acoustical doors are available in any combination of special purpose performance requirements you need.
Acoustical Door Features Comparison
STC Rating
36 to 40
STC Rating
41 to 44
STC Rating
45 to 48
STC Rating
49 to 53
STC Rating
Door Panel
Cam Lift Hinge
STC 46 to STC 48
Standard Hinge
Up to STC 45
Vision Lite
Max 1400 Sq. Inch
Max 1200 Sq. Inch
Max 900 Sq. Inch
Max 300 Sq. Inch
Fire Label
Up to 3 Hours
Up to 3 Hours
Up to 3 Hours
Up to 3 Hours
Up to 90 Minutes
Transom and Side Lite
ADA Compliant
Built-In Bullet Rating
UL Level 1
UL Level 1
UL Level 1 & 2
UL Level 3
UL Level 3
Door Thickness
1 ¾"
1 ¾"
1 ¾"
1 ¾"
Oversized Available
Loud Speech Heard
But Not Understood
Loud Speech
Quietly Audible
Loud Speech
Not Audible
Music and Heavy
Traffic Barely Heard
Only Extremely Loud
Sounds Are Heard
Door Thickness
The thickness of the door depends on the size of the door panel. The Krieger guideline for a mid-sized (36" x 97" and over) acoustical door is 2 ⅛" thick, while an oversized acoustical door is 3" thick. Contact us for more details.
Noise Levels
Note: The example noise levels are for reference only. Consult your acoustician for a recommendation on the appropriate STC rating for your project.
Acoustical Door Custom Finishes
Our full range of custom finish options includes prime painted, wood veneer, stainless steel, specialty finishes, and more—all perfectly matched to complement your project.
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