Krieger Specialty Products
Historic Designs
Krieger door and window assemblies can be designed for visual compatibility with a historic building by maintaining shadow lines, planar qualities, profiles, and the overall appearance of the historic features.

We also offer functional mullions, operating sashes, and other details to ensure the new door or window complies with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).
For more information about the NHPA, visit the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation at
How to Select a Historic Design
You Work with Krieger

Krieger engineers will work with you to design the door and window frame assembly to match the overall appearance of your historic building project.
Krieger Manufactures the Assembly

Krieger custom-manufactures your door panel, frame, and window, as well as any transom and/or side lite frames, according to the specifications of your project.

If your door assembly includes a vision lite, transom, and/or side lite, Krieger orders the glass as requested. More Information
Your Assembly is Shipped

Once the assembly is manufactured and the requested finish material is ready, the assembly is shipped to your job site.

Glass for the vision lite, transom, and/or side lite(s) is shipped with the assembly to be installed at the job site by your glazer.
Ask your Krieger Sales Representative
for more information.