Krieger Specialty Products
About Krieger
Krieger has been a manufacturer of custom doors and window products for over 80 years. We offer industry leading design, testing, manufacture and installation of custom doors and windows that fulfill various acoustical, stainless steel, bullet, blast, security, thermal and radio frequency needs.

Krieger is nationally recognized as one of three premier manufacturers of acoustical doors and stainless steel doors and windows. In 1988, we were the first manufacturer of custom doors to break the STC 51 barrier with a 1 ¾" thick door without a raised sill; and in 1992 we achieved an STC rating of 47 on a 1 ¾" thick wood door, the highest at the time.

We pride ourselves on the experience and capabilities of the engineering talent we are privileged to attract and who are constantly pursuing aggressive research and testing to ensure our customers receive the most technically advanced solutions in the industry.
Krieger products are custom designed to any combination of performance and aesthetic requirements our clients may need. Custom doors and window assemblies from Krieger can be designed with various finish and hardware options, for manual and/or power operated use, to fit any frame and wall configuration and to meet all types of fire labels, acoustical ratings and blast resistance requirements.

Made in the USA
All Krieger's products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States.
The vision of Krieger Specialty Products is to be the finest doorway that protects what’s valued in your organizational space.
The Mission of Krieger Specialty Products is to profitably manufacture protective door and window solutions for our customers’ energy dissipation challenges that address life safety, while providing a gratifying work experience.