Krieger Specialty Products
Prime Painted Doors
Krieger door panels and frame assemblies are available painted with a high-quality primer coat and ready for you to apply the finish color of your choice.
How to Select a Prime Painted Finish
Complete Door Assembly
Complete Door Assembly
You Select Prime Painted

When ordering your door assembly, select Prime Painted as the finish option.
Prime Painted Swatch
Approximate Color
The primer is a light battleship gray.
Krieger Manufactures the Assembly

Krieger custom-manufactures your door panel, door frame, as well as any transom and/or side lite frames, and applies the painted primer in preparation for the finish color you apply on site.

If your door assembly includes a vision lite, transom, and/or side lite, Krieger orders the glass as requested. More Information
Your Door Assembly Is Shipped

Once the prime painted finish is ready, the door panel, door frame, and other assembly components are shipped to your job site.

Glass for the vision lite, transom, and/or side lite(s) is shipped with the door to be installed at the job site by your glazer.
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Additional Door Finish Options