Krieger Specialty Products
Conditions of Sale
As stipulated in the quotation, prices are firm for the amount of days stated in the validation portion of the quotation. Beyond that, they are subject to review depending on conditions at the time the order is placed and shipping requirements.
Freight Terms
Krieger Specialty Products – Net selling prices are FOB factory, Pico Rivera, California with freight allowed and prepaid to freight station nearest to destination via the most economical freight transportation to meet freight terms of competitive manufacturers, unless otherwise stated by Krieger Specialty Products.
Net selling prices do not include installation of products, field supervision or post installation inspection by Krieger Specialty Products personnel unless specifically stated in Krieger’s written quotation.
No local, state, or federal use, sales, or excise taxes are included in our net selling prices unless specifically noted on our quotation.
All orders are subject to acceptance by headquarters office. Shop drawings will not begin until a purchase order, including correct price and terms, signed by the purchaser, is received and approved by Krieger Specialty Products. Fabrication will not begin until the shop drawings are approved and accompanied by the approved hardware schedule and any outstanding technical information requested.
All orders are subject to credit approval for open account shipment.
All shipment and delivery schedules are subject to change due to conditions beyond our control, such as fire, strikes, accidents, delays in transit and the like. The schedules listed on the quotation are for performance only and are subject to change at time of our acceptance of the order.
Changes made to an order before or after fabrication has begun must be confirmed in writing before fabrication can proceed. Purchaser agrees to pay cost of changes resulting in an increase in the total price of the order.
When an order is cancelled before fabrication has begun, purchaser is liable for processing costs, such as approval or fabrication drawings; special purchased material, administrative costs incurred in establishing the order, and the like. When an order is cancelled after fabrication has begun, purchaser agrees to pay for labor and materials cost incurred up to the time of cancellation. Purchaser must confirm said cancellations in writing. This agreement cannot be cancelled or postponed by the Purchaser except with Krieger's consent and upon terms that will indemnify Krieger against loss. Accordingly, Purchaser shall pay Krieger the greater of (i) a change equal to 15% of its total price or (ii) reasonable cancellation charges, Krieger's anticipated profit and expenses already incurred by Krieger in performing or preparing to perform the work required by Purchaser's order, as invoiced by Krieger.
After Shipment
Purchaser is responsible for cost of factory or field changes which are necessary to make products conform to local requirements.
Damaged or missing items must be noted on delivery receipt before accepting shipment. Hidden damage must be reported to the carrier immediately upon discovery (do not continue uncrating of product), but no later than 5 days after receipt of shipment. Official claims for damage reported must be made to the carrier as soon as practical, but no more than 3 months after delivery. Although title passes to purchaser upon delivery to carrier at our factory, we are willing to assist the purchaser in the processing of claims.
Claims for incorrect products or products received in defective condition must be settled before product is installed (see Manufacture's Guarantee).
Return Of Material
No products may be returned without headquarters office approval.
Payment Terms
All terms are listed on the quotation and are subject to change pending credit approval. Total invoice amount is to be paid without retainer and/or any other unauthorized sums deducted. Krieger reserves and Purchaser hereby grants to and creates in favor of Krieger, a first priority purchase money security interest in each Product, including all component parts added by modification or repair, and all proceeds from the sale thereof, until full payment is received.
Past Due Accounts
All past due accounts will be assessed interest at 1 ½% per month (18% per annum). Accounts unpaid 90 days from date of invoice may be collected through legal process and collection cost including attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to interest will be paid by purchaser.
Last updated February 25, 2022.