Krieger Specialty Products
Oversized Doors
to Fit Any Opening

At Krieger Specialty Products, we custom manufacture our doors to fit openings of any
size and deliver any combination of specialized performance needs—including acoustical, bullet, blast, radio frequency, and more. Plus, we offer a full range of custom finish options to seamlessly match your project, no matter how big.

Whether you’re moving around extra-large items like machinery, stage props, or athletic equipment, or you require acoustical seals for HVAC cooling or simply blocking out noise, Krieger’s oversized doors have you covered.
168" x 120" Curved Stage Door
144" x 216" Manually Operated Stage Door
132" x 121" STC 50, 200 PSF, UL Level 3
Acoustical & SCIF
Up to STC 55

Krieger’s acoustical and SCIF-compliant door
assemblies are rated up to STC 55 and custom engineered to enhance any location where sound
and noise control are of primary concern—from
power plants to performance venues.
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Blast & Pressure

Our custom blast and pressure doors are
manufactured in any size needed for commercial, government (UFC, ATFP, or others), and industrial (PIP) installations to protect personnel and property from explosions and explosion-borne projectiles.
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Bullet & Forced Entry

Krieger bullet and forced entry doors assemblies
include frames, door panels, windows, pass-through trays, transfer boxes, voice ports, and more—all designed to protect personnel and property from
rifle and small arms fire and to deter intruders.
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Radio Frequency

Krieger’s radio frequency (RF) door assemblies
feature a unique seal and are custom manufactured
in any size needed to provide a complete RF barrier
for high-frequency shielding in installations where
TEMPEST standards are required.
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“We received the doors this morning and man are they some good looking doors!”
—Greg Brusman, E&W Design Engineer
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Premier Custom Finishes
Our full range of custom finish options includes prime painted, wood veneer, stainless steel, specialty finishes, and more—all perfectly matched to complement your project.