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Cam Lift Hinges
Cam Lift Hinges
Electrified Cam Lift Hinges
Kriegersonic® sound control doors with high STC sound control ratings, come with Krieger manufactured stainless steel Cam Lift hinges.

Krieger's Cam Lift hinges are manufactured out of stainless steel, thus allowing for many years of trouble free operation. They come in US2D and US32D, plus the new powder coat finishes alike BHMA finishes. For more information, please contact your sales representative or project manager.

The bottoms of the sound control doors are the hardest part of an acoustical assembly to maintain sound control. The use of the Cam Lift hinge for acoustical assemblies enables the door bottom seal to be adjusted quickly and accurately at the time of installation and also for adjustment after many years of operation. The Cam Lift hinge allows the sound control door to be lifted up during the opening cycle and allows the door to drop during the closing cycle, this helps the door bottom achieve a positive seal on the acoustical threshold.

The weight of sound control doors will vary depending on size and STC rating. (Refer to the acoustical comparison chart on the door schedule sheets of shop drawings for door weight or contact Krieger's engineering department). If your model does not include Cam Lift hinges, Krieger recommends the use of heavy-duty ball bearing hinges to prevent sagging that can result in sound leaks.