Krieger Specialty Products
Krieger's Cam Lift Hinge
Designed for Lasting Performance and Easy Maintenance
Krieger's Cam Lift hinge is an industry game changer featuring a new design that enhances radial strength to support heavy loading and ensure longer lasting performance. Easy to maintain, the Cam Lift hinge comes with an optional security pin and is fully ADA compliant.
Easy, Time-Saving Maintenance
A new fitting at the bottom of the Cam Lift hinge makes it easy to keep lubricated—without having to remove the door from its hinges.

Now one person can do in a matter of minutes what used to take two or more people hours. Keeping hinges properly lubricated and maintained improves performance and extends the life of the door.
Designed for Radial Strength
The Cam Lift hinge features a proprietary design that reinforces the hinge from top to bottom without the use of a Teflon™ sleeve, which had been prone to wearing out.

This solution allows the hinge to support heavy loading, and along with the stainless steel, offers superior strength and long-term durability.
100% ADA Compliant
Krieger’s lab testing of the Cam Lift hinge shows it to be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements regarding the maximum force required to pull the door open—less than 5 pounds on door leafs under 700 pounds. The versatility of the Cam Lift hinge means it can be used in any location, even for heavy doors.
Security Pin Upgrade
For applications that require pressure and forced entry resistance, the Cam Lift hinge can be upgraded with a security pin. This feature works by preventing the door from opening in the event of an attempted forced entry, causing a time delay and adding an extra level of security.
Tight Acoustical Seal
The Cam Lift hinge enables the door bottom seal to be adjusted quickly and accurately at the time of installation and also for adjustment after many years of operation.

Additionally, the Cam Lift hinge accommodates for a 13mm total vertical rise to ensure that the door easily clears any floor coverings after it swings past the threshold. When closed, the Cam Lift hinge lowers into place for a tight seal.
Electrified Cam Lift Hinge
Kriegers electrified Cam Lift hinge is used to pass low voltage power and/or signaling from a door frame to the door in order to power locksets, exit devices, and door monitoring devices such as positions switches and request-to-exit switches.
The weight of sound control doors will vary depending on size and STC rating. Refer to the acoustical comparison chart on the door schedule sheets of shop drawings for door weight or contact Krieger's engineering department.

If your model does not include Cam Lift hinges, Krieger recommends the use of heavy-duty ball bearing hinges to prevent sagging that can result in sound leaks.