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Acoustical Guarantee
Krieger Specialty Products is committed to customer satisfaction. No sound reduction door installation is complete until the owner is satisfied that the product meets performance goals. Every acoustic door and frame assembly provided by Krieger Specialty Products is guaranteed to meet or exceed accepted industry standards for field performance provided the following items are observed:
  1. Only Krieger Specialty Products components as specified by the manufacturer are utilized.
  2. Krieger Specialty Products installation instructions are complied with for product installation and all components are properly adjusted.
  3. Doors and frames are not modified in any way so as to degrade the acoustical performance.
  4. Assemblies are field tested by a certified member of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants.
  5. The field test is conducted prior to occupancy of the building and complies with all provisions of the "Noise Isolation Class (NIC)" test method for sound insertion loss in accordance with the latest edition of ASTM E-336 and rated in accordance with ASTM E-413.
  6. A test specimen is installed with care taken that the only significant sound path between rooms is by way of the specimen. Any leaks, acoustical weak spots or flanking paths will compromise the testing.
  7. The industry standard is a 5 point STC drop from a differential of laboratory versus field testing
If any Krieger Specialty Products meeting the above conditions fail to meet the specified performance, due to manufacturer's defect, for 10 years from date of approved installation, we will repair or replace the defective product at no cost to the owner.

For more information read our Manufacture's Guarantee.

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