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Krieger Support
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At Krieger, we understand every project is unique. If you have any
questions or concerns about installing, adjusting, or maintaining your
Krieger product, our Engineering Department is here to help.
Installation Guides
Download step-by-step instructions and detailed information

on how to install and maintain Krieger doors and windows.
Mounting and Using Z and L Brackets

Krieger-Installed Lockmasters LKM10K Standard Wiring Schematic

Krieger-Installed Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B/2890C Standard Wiring Schematic

Door Bottom Adjustment

HC44 Heavy Duty Hinge Installation and Maintenance

Order Replacement Parts
Over time, doors and frames can take a beating. It’s important to maintain the seals, astragals, thresholds, hinges, and all other components to be sure the door is in good working condition for optimal performance.

More Support
Wood Veneer and Magnetic Seals:
What You Need to Know
Customers interested in an acoustical door with a wood veneer and a magnetic seal need to understand why this combination of materials is inherently problematic before they purchase.
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The Difference Between SCIF and
Radio Frequency Enclosures
This Pro Tip breaks down the requirements for SCIF compliant, radio frequency (RF), and SCIF/RF hybrid doors.
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