Krieger Specialty Products
Radio Frequency Shielding
Krieger's radio frequency doors are used in installations where TEMPEST standards are required, or where there exists a need for a radio frequency barrier for high frequency shielding.
Radio Frequency Shield
≥ 60dB of shielding effectiveness in the electric, planewave, and microwave fields in the frequency range of 1 KHz to 18 GHz.

Magnetic field shielding performance meets the requirements of NSA 73-2A (1 kHz, 10dB; 10 kHz, 20 dB, 100 kHz, 30dB, and 1 MHz, 40dB).
Tests and Certifications
IEEE 299 Standard
Division 8 Standard
NSA 65-6
Custom Manufactured to Your Specifications
Single, or pairs of, hinged doors, in standard and custom sizes, manual or power operated. Assemblies can be tied into any type of shielding construction.

Frame Configuration
Krieger offers standard frame designs and can engineer special frame profiles to complement wall construction and architectural style.
Fire Labels and Positive Pressure
Up to 1 1/2 Hours:
UL 10C, UBC 7-2, UBC 7-4 250º, 450º, 650º temperature rise, up to 1 1/2 hours UL 10C

Smoke Labels:
Up to 20 minutes
Robust Seal
Krieger's unique radio frequency seal does not use a knifed edge found in other radio frequency doors, rather it is similar to robust weather stripping, dramatically increasing the door life while reducing maintenance costs.
ADA Compliant
Krieger's radio frequency doors meet the ADA threshold requirements of 1/2 inch without portable ramps, allowing them to be used in any location.
Performance Combinations
KriegerShield radio frequency doors can be manufactured for multiple performance requirements including acoustical, bullet resistance, blast resistance or any combination thereof.
Available in all standard builders' hardware materials and finishes. Latch and lock sets, panic devices, security and power operating hardware is also available. Radial bearing, cam lift hinges are available.
Add a STC Rating
Optional combination of STC 50 rating in a single door.
Standard and custom sizes available. No limits.
Fillout the online project specification form and have a Krieger Sales representative followup with a call.
Custom finishes to match your project.
Simply send us a sample of the finish you wish to match.

Wood veneer interior acoustical doors may be finish-sanded, primed, sealed with conversion synthetic sealer or completely prefinished prior to shipping.

Stainless steel finishes can be embossed, patterned, etched, bead blasted and colored. Bronze, brass, copper, and plastic laminate finishes are also available.

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