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Manufacture's Guarantee
Krieger's 10 Year Manufacture's Guarantee
We are fully committed to customer satisfaction and guarantee that all Krieger produced custom performance doors, windows, accessories, hardware of frame assemblies will be developed in strict accordance with approved specifications and will meet or exceed acceptable industry requirements.

We do hereby warrantee and certify that the doors, windows, accessories and assemblies we furnish for your project, have been produced in strict accordance with the contract documents and approved shop drawings. We agree to repair or replace any or all materials which may prove to be defective in workmanship or material, within a period of ten (10) years from the original ship date, ordinary wear and tear or unusual abuse, neglect or installation induced problems excepted.

If we fail to comply with the above paragraph within (10) days after receipt of written notice from Owner or Architect, or fail to pursue such compliance with diligence, we do hereby authorize the Owner to proceed to have the defects repaired and made good at our sole expense, and we will honor and pay the costs and charges for it, together with interest at the maximum rate then permitted by California law, upon demand. If we fail to fulfill the preceding obligations and if the Owner brings an action to enforce this guarantee, we agree to pay the Owner's reasonable attorney's fees incurred in connection therewith.

Krieger will not warrantee any delamination or warpage caused by failure to protect and seal any exposed surfaces. Krieger will not warrantee any repairs, rework or replacement materials made without prior written consent from the manufacturer. Krieger will not warrantee any wood veneer or plastic lamination of exterior doors.

Our Manufacture's Guarantee is extended only to the original installation and does not cover, and Krieger shall not be liable for:
  1. Damage due to or caused by improper installation, unusual wear and tear, negligent maintenance, and/or misuse contrary to the instructions provided by Krieger Specialty Products.
  2. Improper storage upon the delivery of Krieger's products in places not shielded from the natural elements, also including construction areas, areas needing or being maintenance, and not excluding areas with structural or HVAC and piping damage.
  3. Cosmetic blemishes which have occurred beyond delivery of Krieger's products.
  4. Any damage caused by natural physical or chemical properties relative to the physical composition of the earth and its atmosphere.
  5. Any delamination or warpage, scratching, abrasions or damage to finish caused by failure to protect and seal exposed surfaces after product ships from Krieger's factory.
  6. Any repairs needed upon delivery. Not the fault of Krieger.
  7. Rework or replacement materials made without prior written consent from Krieger Specialty Products.
  8. Any cost of removal, installation or reinstallation of the products.
  9. The total liability of Krieger to Purchaser will be limited to the lessor of Purchaser's actual damages or the purchase price paid to Krieger for the products that are the subject of the Purchaser's claims.
  10. If the building of structure contains the Krieger products is sold, transferred, conveyed or assigned, in whole or part within the warranty period this warranty shall automatically expire and terminate.
If product(s) is/are found to be defective after proper or authorized installation, then the result should be:
  1. Return products in original packaging and or other similar packaging.
  2. Send any documents and accessories and any other item originally received with shipment.
Return the product in its original packaging with all original content included to:

Krieger Specialty Products
4880 Gregg Road
Pico Rivera, Ca. 90660

Phone: (562) 695-0645
Fax: (562) 692-0146
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