Krieger Specialty Products
Bullet & Forced Entry
For decades, security experts and Department of
Defense officials have relied on Krieger to develop
custom doors engineered for today’s security ratings.

Krieger’s bullet doors are designed to protect
personnel and property from bullets and ricochet.
Our industry-leading forced entry doors are designed
and tested to delay intruders for enhanced
safety and security.
Custom Manufactured to Your Specifications
Bullet Resistance
UL 752 Levels 1–10
MIL-SAMIT Part 1 & Part 2
Forced Entry
5 Minutes & 15 Minutes
ASTM F3038 • ASTM F476
SD-STD-01.01 REV. G
High-Performance Bullet Doors
Krieger’s bullet doors are constructed with formed, heavy gauge, steel face sheets around a custom engineered steel rib core with interior armor plate as required to protect against specified threats.
Available in UL 752 Levels 1–10
No matter what level of protection your project requires, Krieger has you covered. UL 752 is the most widely used and accepted rating system for ballistic-grade materials.
Weapon Ammo Shots
.50 Caliber Rifle
.50 Caliber
.30-60 Rifle
.30 Caliber
AK-47 Rifle
AR-15 Rifle
9 mm Uzi
9 mm
AK-47 Rifle
.30-06 Rifle
.30 Caliber
.44 Mag. Pistol
.44 Mag.
.357 Mag. Pistol
.357 Mag.
9 mm Pistol
9 mm
Shotgun Supplemental (SGS)
12 Gauge Shotgun 437 gr. Slug and 1254 gr. “00” Buckshot
Meets Standard-0108.01
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
standard establishes the minimum performance requirements and test methods for bullet-resistant protective materials and armor.
Level I
38 Special
Level IIA
9 mm
Level II
.357 Mag.
Level IIIA
.44 Mag.
Level III
Level IV
.30 Caliber
Built to Military
Krieger bullet doors are custom engineered to achieve the rigorous specifications military installations demand.
7.62 mm NATO (.308 Winchester) M80 Bal at 2750 FPS
M61 Armor Piercing (AP) at 2750 FPS at 25 shots
Krieger is part of the U.S. federal government’s
System for Award Management (
Bullet Door Custom Finishes
Our full range of custom finish options includes prime painted, wood veneer, stainless steel, specialty finishes, and more—all perfectly matched to complement your project.
Door Configuration
Krieger’s bullet doors are available in single or double hinged door assemblies, all of which can
be configured with manual or power-operated controls, and with or without vision lites, side lites, and/or transoms.

We offer standard frame designs as well as specially engineered frame profiles to complement any wall construction or architectural style. You can also add decorative mullions and moldings to complement the design of your project

National Historic Preservation Act Compliant
Krieger doors can be crafted to ensure visual compatibility with architectural features on historic buildings in compliance with National Historic Preservation Act guidelines.
Complete Assembly
Krieger bullet doors are delivered as complete assemblies guaranteed to perform according to your specifications.
Bullet assembly includes:
Door Panel
Krieger bullet assemblies are covered by our industry-leading 10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

View Krieger’s bullet doors.
Fire Labels and Positive Pressure
Up to 3 Hours:
UL 10C, UBC 7-2, UBC 7-4 250º, 450º, 650º temperature rise, up to 3 hours UL 10C

Smoke Labels:
Up to 20 minutes
Vision Lites • Side Lites • Transoms
Calculated and certified glass or glass/polycarbonate glazing materials are
available for bullet and forced entry doors door assemblies with vision lites, side lites, and/or transoms. (If glazing is provided by others, it
must bear a visible UL 752 mark.)
ADA Compliant
Krieger’s bullet door assemblies meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) threshold requirements of ½" without portable ramps, allowing them to be used in any location.

In addition, lab testing of our Cam Lift Hinge shows it to be fully compliant with the ADA requirements for the maximum force required to pull the door open (less than 5 pounds on door leaves under
700 pounds), which means it can be used in
any location, even for heavy doors.
Door Sizes
Krieger can design and manufacture doors in standard and custom sizes. No limits.

Oversized Doors
Whether you’re moving around extra-large items like machinery, stage props, or athletic equipment, or you require acoustical seals for HVAC cooling or simply blocking out noise, Krieger’s oversized doors have you covered. Oversized Door Information
Operating hardware is available in all standard builders’ finishes. Mortise or cylindrical locksets,
exit devices, and security hardware are the
basic options.
Wall Panels
Bullet-resistant fiberglass wall panels are available and have been tested in accordance with UL 752 for Levels 1–4 (Levels 5–8 are pending).
Krieger bullet and forced entry doors and windows can be fabricated with the following:

  • Voice Ports
  • Pass-Through Trays
  • Gun Ports
  • Transfer Boxes
  • Day Gates
UFC 4-215-01 Issue Port Door
Krieger has specifically designed this door to meet UFC 4-215-01 for the Armories and Arms Rooms criteria. More Details
Specialized Hybrid Performance
Krieger bullet doors are available in any combination of special purpose performance requirements you need.
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