UFC 4-215-01 Issue Port Door
Krieger has specifically designed this door to meet UFC 4-215-01 for the Armories and Arms Rooms criteria. The door has the required day gate, weapons pass through opening with removable hatch and 4-Ply door (See note). Plus, the door comes with the required hardware installed.

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Download the UFC 4-215-01 (PDF)

Note: 4-Ply door consists of 3/16" steel plate on the inside over 1/4" polycarbonate sheet over 1 3/4" solid core wood with a IO GA. steel sheet face plate and edges.
4-Ply Door
Day Gate
Weapons Pass Through
Krieger Blast and Forced Entry doors and windows can be fabricated with ricochet resistant bullet, voice ports, pass through trays, transfer boxes, and gun ports.
Voice Port: Level 1 - 8
Voice Port
Level 1 - 8
Gun Port: Level 1 - 8
Gun Port
Level 1 - 8
Transfer Boxes
Transfer Boxes
Pass Through Trays
Pass Through Trays
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