Krieger Specialty Products
Bullet Door Accessories
Krieger offers a full range of bullet-resistant accessories—including voice ports, gun ports, transfer boxes, pass-through trays, louvered vents, day gates, and more—to complement our fully customizable bullet and forced entry door and window products.
Voice Port
UL Levels 1-8
Gun Port
UL Levels 1-8
Transfer Boxes
Pass Through-Trays

Sliding Gun Port
Krieger's sliding gun port is customizable and designed to be mounted into a wall—or it can be added to a door in a smaller size upon request. It features an abrasion-resistant armor panel for enhanced performance.
Extra-Large Opening
The extra-wide opening measures 16" wide x 14 ¾" high and exceeds others in the industry (competitor models are up to only 5" x 2").
The gun port meets the ballistic standard of UL 752 and is available in Levels 1 to 8.
Less Friction, Long Lasting
The sliding gun port features a delrin insert in the sliding mechanism to minimize friction, reducing wear and tear and ensuring long-lasting performance.
Bullet-Resistant Louver
Bullet-Resistant Louver
Bullet-Resistant Louver
Bullet-Resistant Louver
Krieger's bullet-resistant louvered vents allow air to pass through the door while providing a high level of security and protection.
Meets Ballistic Standards
Vents are ballistic resistant up to UL 752 Level 8 (other ballistic ratings available upon request). The louvered steel construction resists multiple impacts from 7.62mm NATO ammunition with no penetration or spalling.
Custom Configurations
Louvered vents are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including hybridization options with door assemblies.
Louver-Free Area
The louver-free area percentage is calculated at 12–17% depending on size and configuration of the armored blades.
High-Security Day Gate
Krieger’s day gate provides superior security, access control, and visual clarity where controlled substances, weapons, equipment, and other sensitive materials are stored.
Carbon Steel Construction
Krieger’s high-security day gate is constructed from hot-rolled carbon steel tubing and 9-gauge expanded metal. It features ¾" flattened diamond-shaped openings with an impressive 64% open area for visual clarity.
Multiple Performance Options
Depending on the level of security desired, the day gate can be paired with a flush security door, providing multiple performance options.
All of Krieger's day gates can be equipped with integral access panels or pass-through features as needed.
Weapons Issue Port Door
Krieger's issue port door is designed to be used for weapons and armory/arms vaults. It features the required day gate, weapons pass-through opening with removable hatch, and 4-ply door.
Meets UFC 4-215-01 Criteria
Krieger has specifically designed this door to meet all UFC 4-215-01 Armories and Arms Rooms requirements.
Pre-Installed Hardware
The issue port door comes installed with the required hardware.

Download the UFC 4-215-01 (PDF)
Note: 4-ply door consists of 3⁄16" steel plate on the inside over ¼" polycarbonate sheet over 1 ¾" solid core wood with an IO GA steel sheet face plate and edges.