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Bullet-Resistant Acoustical Doors
Krieger acoustical doors protect against unwanted sound in any building by exceeding the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S12.60-2002 standard. Plus, they come with a bullet resistance rating of UL 752 up to Level 3 built in for added safety—with higher ratings available up to UL Level 10.
Krieger Acoustical Doors with Built-In Bullet Rating
Acoustical Rating Bullet Resistance
STC 45 - 48 UL Level 1 & 2
STC 49 - 55 UL Level 3
Higher bullet ratings are available up to Level 10.
STC 45 – 48
STC 49 – 55
Comes with bullet resistance up to UL Level 3.
Additional ratings are available up to Level 10.
UL Level
Door Configuration
Krieger’s acoustical doors are available in single or paired hinged door assemblies. All assemblies can be configured with manual or power-operated controls, and with or without vision lites, side lites, and transoms.

We offer standard frame designs as well as specially engineered frame profiles to complement any wall construction or architectural style. You can also add decorative mullions and moldings to match the design of your project.

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Door Sizes
Krieger can design and manufacture doors in standard and custom sizes. No limits.

Oversized Doors
Whether you’re moving around extra-large items like machinery, stage props, or athletic equipment, or you require acoustical seals for HVAC cooling or simply blocking out noise, Krieger’s oversized doors have you covered.

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Meets PASS Guidelines
Krieger products meet Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) guidelines, which were created by education, public safety, and industry experts to fill the gaps left by the lack of national standards in school safety and security. The PASS Safety and Security Checklist tool is designed to help schools assess their building safety against national best practices and determine areas for improvement.
Fire Labels and Positive Pressure
Metal Doors Up to 3 Hours:
Certified in accordance with UL 10C, UBC 7-2, UBC 7-4. 250º, 450º, 650º temperature rise, up to 3 hours

Wood Veneer Doors Up to 60 Minutes:
UL Labels: Smoke, 20, 45, and 60 minutes
ADA Compliant
Krieger’s acoustical door assemblies meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) threshold requirements of ½" without portable ramps, allowing them to be used in any location.

In addition, lab testing of our Cam Lift Hinge shows it to be fully compliant with ADA requirements for the maximum force required to pull the door open (less than 5 pounds on door leaves under 500 pounds), which means it can be used in any location, even for heavy doors.
Optional Features
Forced Entry - 5 min, 15 min.
SD-STD-01.01 REV. G (AP) Armor Piercing rounds
ASTM F3038

Higher bullet ratings available up to UL Level 10.

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Keeping Classrooms Quiet and Safe
Krieger Acoustical Doors Exceed the ANSI S12.60-2002 Standard
One of the best ways to ensure the classroom environment is optimized for learning is keeping distracting outside noise out. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S12.60-2002 standard, Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools establishes guidelines for schools to build their educational facilities—classrooms, labs, lecture halls, and libraries—to protect against unwanted sound. By exceeding the ANSI standard, Krieger acoustical doors ensure an optimal learning environment.

Plus, Krieger acoustical doors have a bullet resistance rating of UL 752 up to UL Level 3 included—with higher ratings up to UL Level 10 available—for added safety during an active shooter event.
A Trusted Partner for Schools and Universities
Since 1936, Krieger has been a trusted manufacturer of special purpose doors and windows for schools and universities across the country. We’re proud to have our doors and windows installed at these premier education facilities—and over 200 more.
Andover High School
Alameda Elementary School
Cal Lutheran University
Cedar Creek Middle School
Claremont Graduate School
Cornell University
Dunsmore Elementary School
Elizabethtown High School
Indiana State University
Georgetown University
Glendale College
Granger Middle School
Gregory Portland High School
Harrison High School
Harvard University
Kaneland High School
Kapolei High School
Kauai Intermediate School
Madras High School
New Burton Middle School
New York University
Ohio State University
Pepperdine University
Rasco Middle School
Redmond High School
Riverton High School
Stanford University
Sunset Elementary School
University of Illinois
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of Nebraska
University of Pittsburg
University of Wyoming
West Fargo Middle School
And over 200 more...
Acoustical Door Custom Finishes
Our full range of custom finish options includes prime painted, wood veneer, stainless steel, specialty finishes, and more—all perfectly matched to complement your project.
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—Todd Van Dyke, Montana Doorways Plus