Krieger Specialty Products
Wood Veneer and Magnetic Seals
There are basically two types of perimeter noise-control seals that are used for acoustical doors. The first type is a compression seal, which uses a spongy material such as rubber or neoprene to form an air-tight seal and prevent sound from escaping. The second type is a magnetic seal, which uses magnetic force to form a seal, similar to a refrigerator door.
Krieger Specialty Products offers acoustical doors in the following combinations covered by our standard 10-year warranty:
  • Compression seal made with a neoprene noise control seal with a 3-ply wood veneer, plastic laminate, stainless steel finishes, and other custom options
  • Magnetic noise control seal with a painted finish only*
Because wood is diamagnetic, the veneer must be paper-thin for the magnet to hold its attraction to the steel underneath and provide a sound-proof seal. Customers interested in an acoustical door with a wood veneer and a magnetic seal need to understand why this combination of materials is inherently problematic before they purchase:
  • Such a thin veneer is highly vulnerable to getting scratched and scraped (especially in high-traffic areas), rendering it aesthetically unpleasing
  • The extreme thinness of the veneer makes it impossible to be repaired in the event of damage
Krieger’s 3-ply wood veneer with compression seal offers the greatest flexibility and quality assurance for customers who want an acoustical door with the look a wood veneer provides. Our engineers have observed that the expansion and contraction resulting from temperature changes can affect the bond on the two rigid matting surfaces. The 3-ply veneer compensates for the differing reactions between the two dissimilar materials—wood and steel. Its overall thickness of 3/32” gives the wood more tolerance and the increased layers allow for sanding and refinishing in the field.

Krieger doors come standard with a 16 or 14 gage steel skin built to withstand a lifetime of use without showing wear and tear. The unique design enables the door to achieve higher fire, acoustical, and security ratings. The 3-ply veneering application allows for superior adhesion and maintenance in a wide range of finishes. Learn more about the Krieger Advantage.
*Upon request, we can manufacture a 1/28” paper-backed veneer that works with a magnetic seal, but this combination is not backed by our standard 10-year warranty because it cannot be repaired if damage occurs.