Krieger Specialty Products
What Goes Into Making a Krieger Door
Not all doors are created equal.
See why Krieger doors are superior to standard doors.
Interior Construction
Wood Rails
No Vertical Supports
Wood Lock Box
Standard Wood Door
With no vertical supports and only a wood underlying construction, Standard Wood Doors are prone to sagging, warping and breakage upon impact.
Steel Frame
Vertical Steel Supports
Steel Lock Box
Krieger Door
Krieger Doors are built with steel stiffened channels, vertical hats and steel lock boxes, a combination that offers not only durability but exceptional security. Krieger durability shows through with impact, static load and rack testing.
Performance Options
Only Light Weight Core Material
Standard Wood Door
Standard Wood Doors can typically only be filled with light-weight sound deadening material as the internal structure is not strong enough to support any other core material.
Core Materials as Needed to Achieve Performance
Krieger Door
Krieger Doors can be manufactured with various core materials to meet blast, acoustical, pressure, radio frequency shielding, thermal barrier and even hybrid performance needs.
Strength and Durability
Thin Veneer Applied to Cover the Core
Standard Wood Door
Standard Wood Doors are covered with a thin veneer which provides no additional strength. Furthermore, because of the fragile design, higher fire, acoustical and security ratings are not achievable.
16 or 14 Gage
Steel Skin
3-Ply Veneer
3/32 Thick
Custom Finishes to Match Your Project
Krieger Door
Krieger Doors come standard with 16 or 14 gage steel skin built to withstand a lifetime of abuse without showing wear and tear. The unique design enables the door to achieve higher fire, acoustical and security ratings.

The 3-ply veneering application allows for adhesion, maintenance and finishes.
Acoustical & SCIF
Krieger's acoustical doors and sound control windows, are used in premier live performance venues and industrial applications where noise and sound control is of primary concern.

Our SCIF compliant acoustical door assemblies are designed and manufactured for your defense related needs.
Bullet & Forced Entry
Krieger's bullet resistant doors and windows are designed to protect personnel and property from small arms fire. Krieger also offers bullet and ricochet resistant doors, frames, windows, pass through trays, transfer boxes, and voice ports.
Radio Frequency
Krieger's radio frequency doors are used in installations where TEMPEST standards are required, or where there exists a need for a radio frequency barrier for high frequency shielding.
Blast & Pressure
Krieger's blast and pressure doors are used in commercial, government (UFC, ATFP or others), and industrial (PIP) installations to protect personnel and property from explosions and explosion borne missiles.
705 Door & Lock Package
Krieger's 705 SCIF Door and Lock Package meets SCIF Sound Groups 3 and 4 standards, and comes with an installed Kaba Mas, Sargent and Greenleaf, or Lockmasters locking device.