Krieger Specialty Products
Installation Videos
33:44 Minutes
Krieger installer Alfredo Rodriguez presents
this tutorial on installing Krieger acoustical door assemblies. Includes discussion of ASTC field testing, sound deadening grout, acoustical
seal adjustment, and more.
6:49 Minutes
This video demonstration shows you how to correctly pour sound deadening grout into the door frame; for assemblies with an STC rating
of 46 or above.
3:12 Minutes
Proper installation and adjustment of radio frequency and acoustical door seals is key to ensuring your door performs as required. This video demonstrates how to adjust Z brackets, install wire mesh (monel) seals and washers,
and check door for proper operation.
12:21 Minutes
Adjusting for sound leaks is an essential last
step when installing acoustical doors. This video demonstrates how to use a leak detector device and adjust to seal any leaks.
6:23 Minutes
Watch for a demonstration on installing Krieger’s 705 SCIF Door and Lock Package product. Includes an inventory of materials needed along with step-by-step instructions.
Installation Guides
Download step-by-step instructions and detailed information on how to install and maintain Krieger doors and windows.