Krieger Specialty Products
Krieger Wins Bid for Naval Training Facility

The Department of the Navy has awarded Krieger Specialty Products a contract to manufacture custom multi-purpose doors for a new training facility at the Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia. The contract comes from Design Bid Build (DBB) P-404, E2-D for doors with specialized performance requirements. “We’re very proud the Navy chose Krieger for this contract,” says Krieger President Bob McCluney. “It’s not only because of the high-quality product and service we provide, but it turns out that Krieger is the only acceptable manufacturer by the Navy with the capability to produce the specified doors.”

The naval fleet squadrons and tactical training facility, which is estimated to cost between $25 and $100 million, will provide the integration, network, and environment for U.S. Navy participation in live simulated and virtual aircrew training. Unique performance needs for the building include radio frequency (RF) shielding, acoustical sound transmission requirements, and a fire rating.

The RF shielding door components must meet or exceed the acoustical STC 50/55 rating. The attenuation level of the RF shielding is 60 dB from 10 kHz to 10 GHz. A minimum of a 1-hour UL fire rating is also required. “This project is putting Krieger’s long-earned reputation—since the NAVAIR’s PMA-290—for building unique, customized products for the Navy to the test,” says McCluney. “But this is the kind of project we excel at doing—and we understand what’s at stake.”

Krieger’s RF shielding acoustical fire-rated product is required to meet the fleet’s training and readiness requirements. As with most Navy contracts, the doors must meet these enhanced required measures for the building to be operational and for training events for fleet squadrons to be carried out as intended. Krieger’s expertise in producing special purpose doors of this type provides an added level of comfort that the final product will meet all specified requirements.

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