Krieger Specialty Products
Notice: Aluminum thresholds are out of stock. Stainless steel thresholds are currently being supplied with acoustical doors.
12 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Threshold
The stainless steel thresholds are press-formed 12 gauge 304 stainless steel 1/4" height with a non-directional (Jitterbug) finish.
Kriegersonic® acoustical doors with high STC sound control ratings, come with Krieger manufactured aluminum thresholds.

Krieger thresholds are manufactured as solid units to increase sound control and eliminate noise pathways of conventional saddles. They are one more way Krieger ensures the acoustical door qualities and ratings you require. Krieger's economical thresholds come as clear anodized aluminum, but custom pricing is available on a limited selection of other finishes.

Acoustical doors must have a smooth surface for the door bottom seal to land on, slide across and seal against. This applies equally to a level swing door with automatic bottom, or a cam lift door with fixed (adjustable) seal.

When sound control doors swing open over carpet, a smooth surface saddle threshold of at least the same height and preferably higher than the carpet, must be used. This is essential to preventing sound leaks from under the door and through the carpet. Thresholds must be set in a good grade of acoustical sealant.

The use of fluted or otherwise abrasive coated thresholds will cause premature wearing down of the door bottom neoprene and could cause the seal to pull out of its retainer and jam up under the door. All thresholds must be set so as to extend a minimum of 1-1/2" beyond the pull side of the door to provide a "landing" area for the door bottom as it starts to descend.