Krieger Specialty Products
Flush Bolts
Krieger provides the following guidelines for flush bolt usage with our acoustical door assemblies.
Please note Krieger does not recommend the use of automatic flush bolts on pairs of acoustical doors.
Automatic Flush Bolts
When the doors are closed, and compression gaskets on the frame and astragal are adjusted to seal properly, the automatic flush bolts will not retract when the active leaf is opened.

This is because the seal causes the side of the bolt to be pressed tightly against the side of the strike cutout. While the bolt may be retracted by pulling the door tightly against the seals, when the door is closed again the bolt will not automatically enter the strike, since it requires a loose clearance in order to function.

Manual and Self-Latching Flush Bolts
When permitted by local authority, a UL-listed manual flush bolt should be used in lieu of the automatic type, or use IVES FB51, Door Control 845, Trimco 3820 constant self-latching flush bolts. Another alternative is to use the Krieger mullion with a positive latch in each door. Please contact us for more details.