Krieger Specialty Products
Krieger recommends the following closers and guidelines for gaining maximum performance from your acoustical doors.
Please note all UL-rated sound control doors require a closer to be UL certified.
Parallel Arm Closers
Mount the arm bracket to the “Z” brackets furnished by Krieger, or use a top jamb-mounted closer. Never mount the closer arm shoe directly to the seal cover.

Rixson Floor Closers
The arm that must be mounted to the bottom of the door precludes using a mortised door bottom. Krieger does not recommend using this hardware item on sound control doors.

Concealed Overhead Closer
Krieger cannot certify an STC rating for these closers because they mount directly into the head of the frame and prevent a continuous perimeter seal and that will likely result in sound leaks.

Since Cam Lift Hinge assemblies require closers that allow for ⅜" vertical movement, Krieger offers the following manufacturer and model recommendations (with non-hold-open arms):
LCN: 4010, 4020, 4041, 4040
Dorma: 8600
Sargent: 281, 351
Stanley: QDC 111R
Corbin/Russwin: DC8000
Norton: 7500/7700
Yale: 400/4400
NOTE: Krieger has not received any documentation from Corbin/Russwin, Norton, or Yale to validate Krieger’s recommendation.
Types of Closers Not Recommended for Use with Krieger Cam Lift Hinges
  • Heavy-duty rigid closer arms will not allow ⅜" vertical movement.
  • Closers with large hold-open knuckles at the elbow will not allow ⅜" vertical movement.
  • Slide track-type closers.
  • Overhead stops.