Krieger Specialty Products
Aish Ha Tora
Krieger custom-built two oversized, acoustical swinging doors that could divide a large congregation
room. The sheer size of this installation required expert design to avoid sagging or deflection, as well
as an STC 45 rating to ensure both sides of the divider doors could be used simultaneously.
Each panel
is 22' x 14'
and 4" thick.
One of the 40 lb. hinges specially manufactured
to support the weight
of each door.
Oversized Doors Create Flexible Spaces
Two 40 lb. hinges attached to a steel
beam built into the wall support each
panel weighing 4,500 lbs.
The door is constructed of a tubular skeleton and 14-gauge steel skins prevents sagging. Wood veneer was applied for the final look.
Windows in the door match the position of
the windows in the wall to allow passage for natural light when the door is open.
Each panel
is 22' x 14'
and 4" thick.
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