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Radio Frequency Questions
Radio Frequency shielding is a term used to describe a variety of methods and materials used to block electromagnetic radiation from coupling into or out of defined areas or regions.

The appropriate conductive materials when bonded together block electrostatic fields and achieve a six-sided-box (i.e., walls, ceiling, floor), referred to as a "Faraday Cage". Michael Faraday invented this barrier which blocks static and non-static electric fields from passing through in 1836.

Monel (Nickel/Copper alloy), SnCuFe (tin-plated, copper-clad steel) and stainless steels are used for RF shielding because they absorb radio and magnetic waves. Shielding materials are always metals, metalized plastics or conductive composites.

In commercial and government buildings radio frequency shielded openings help ensure sensitive and confidential information is contained. While in, healthcare facilities radio frequency shielding is necessary to prevent radio interference with medical equipment.

Medical facilities, laboratories, research facilities, industrial sites, radio stations, communication centers, computer rooms, data centers, courtrooms, military facilities, x-ray rooms, MRI rooms, and financial centers.

Radio frequency shielding is needed to help prevent computer corruption, keep confidential data from being compromised, stop interference from local transmitters: radio towers, TV broadcast, radar and MRI equipment.

IEEE Std 299-2006, IEEE Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielding Enclosures, the specification will call out for a RFI or EMI shielded door that meets the IEEE Std 299-2006 test standard and falls into the 40 db at 10khz-10ghz frequency range. Krieger doors have been tested to this standard.

There is virtually no limit to the size of door or window Krieger can manufacture.

Yes. Krieger provides fire ratings up to 90 minutes.

Conductive perimeter seals, Factory-welded stainless steel thresholds, composite tape and gasketing as required.

Yes, sound ratings up to STC 50, bullet ratings up to levels 1-9, custom blast calculations, 15 min Forced Entry among other hybrid options that are available with the radio frequency shielded openings.

All standard commercial hardware can be used on radio frequency assemblies, although hybridization can lead to certain limitations which have to be assessed on a project basis.

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