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Blast and Pressure Questions
Pressure resistance refers to a pressure load applied over a long duration (seconds, minutes, or longer), and where the pressure loading decay is removed from the door over a long duration. Blast resistance refers to a high pressure shock of very short duration (milliseconds), with pressures decaying with distance and time.

Seated pressure loading acts to seat the door into the frame against the stops. Unseated pressure acts to unseat the door away from the stops where hardware is an integral part of the pressure resistance. This is an important consideration in the design of both pressure resistant and blast resistant doors and it has led to the design of special hinges and locking devices.
Seated Pressure
Unseated Pressure

Fragmentation is the result of an explosion. Fragments that are heavy and traveling at a high velocity may penetrate a door or window, depending on thickness and other characteristics. Fragmentation resistance should be considered in your specifications for a blast resistant door or window product.

Krieger's blast resistant doors are available in UL fire ratings up to and including 3 hours.

Calculated and certified glass or glass/polycarbonate glazing materials are available.

Yes, in most conventional applications, however it is recommended you consult the factory.

Krieger offers various technical and field services such as installation crew training, turn key assembly, troubleshooting and field testing.

There is no limit to the size of door or window Krieger can manufacture.

Krieger designs and fabricates frames that meet the requirements of your walls.

Not a problem, ask about our slip-in design.

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All Door and window models featured on this Website have downloadable Cad drawings and technical specifications. If you do not see a model that fits your needs, please contact your local sales representative to get customized Cad drawings and specs.

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Yes, Krieger products come with a guaranteed.

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