Tackling International Projects with Precision and Ease
What do you do when you need specialized products, materials and services that require unique knowledge and expertise not available in your country? You look for a solution in another country. Today, successful building industry professionals know that seeking out expertise in foreign-based companies is a standard part of business and a crucial key to succeeding in the global economy. US-based designers, contractors and architects turn to foreign sources, just as often as foreign businesses turn to US companies to accommodate various project needs.

Sought out by companies from all seven continents, Krieger Specialty Products, the nation's leading manufacturer of custom performance doors and windows, has had the privilege of filling one such unique niche in the international construction community.

Through carefully planned processes, strategic partnerships and special attention to cultural and language differences, Krieger has built a reputation for supplying special purpose doors and windows to international projects of all varieties. So how does Krieger do it, and what does it mean to your international project needs?

First and foremost, Krieger understands that communication is the crucial key to the success of any international project. Leaning on the expertise of interpreters, Krieger's engineers work carefully to ensure the correct understanding of job-related documents, specs, drawings, correspondence, and the crucial preparation of installation instructions and maintenance guidelines. And when language translation is not enough, Krieger turns to the use of photos to bring added insight and visual understanding of what is needed.

Krieger also understands that some countries have variations in building standards and codes that must be honored to ensure the client's project succeeds. Krieger's engineers are constantly being trained and updated on the latest standards and codes. Fortunately, these days most US building standards are accepted worldwide, which means Krieger's fire, acoustical and bullet testing accreditations transfer easily and can be relied on to meet foreign requirements.

To effectively manage different metric systems, Krieger completes modifications and conversions during production and preparation of installation instructions. And if questions or unique situations arise, Krieger turns to foreign consultants for resolution.

To ensure the proper functioning of an assembly, Krieger supplies international clients with access to services, materials, hardware and items they may not have access to in their own country. Items such as anchors, caulking and construction materials are bundled into a client's international shipment to ensure that the final product will be installed with the necessary components for optimum performance.

Occasionally, hardware is pre-installed in order to eliminate any installation errors that could be detrimental to the performance of an assembly. Plus, additional sets of hardware are sometimes included to ensure that if any one component fails or arrives unusable, time is not lost waiting for a shipment of replacement hardware. It's all a part of Krieger's standard mantra going the extra mile, states Mr. Bob McCluney, President of Krieger Specialty Products.

Krieger's team is also well attuned to the unique sensitivities of international business. Through years of experience and vigilant attention to details, Krieger has learned what it takes to successfully accommodate the cultural, religious and political differences of various clients and their countries.

When manufacturing custom veneers comprised of animal hide, marble or other materials unique to certain cultures, Krieger takes the time to identify acceptable materials, arrangements, cultural traditions and uses. Doors requested for religious buildings and holy cities, are also carefully designed to meet the respective requirements of the religion's decree.

Krieger also understands that products manufactured for shipment to hostile environments must be properly packaged to ensure safe transport, while correspondences with clients located in politically volatile environments must be carefully prepared to eliminate any possibility of being misinterpreted as insults or threats.

With over 50 international projects completed to date, Krieger has built a large repertoire of international references, and has demonstrated its ability to work on international projects many times and in many unique settings.

For Zena International, Inc. in China and Taiwan, Krieger's extensive use of photos and translations from English to Mandarin to Cantonese, insured all hardware and spec requirements were prepared correctly so the final products could be assembled easily once overseas.

In politically volatile Venezuela, a project completed for Redwood Media Group required Krieger work with a client who was in direct opposition to the socialistic government. With political tensions between Venezuela and the US increasing, Krieger's extra sensitivity to business and trade issues ensured the project succeeded.

And when it came to manufacturing doors for King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, Krieger's understanding of cultural differences ensured the doors requested would not only meet religious requirements but also withstand the rigors of thousands of people making pilgrimages.

With the rise of the global economy, architects, consultants and professionals across the construction industry, foreign and domestic, need to be prepared to deliver their products and services to clients in other countries. It is only a matter of time before foreign clients come looking to you for your unique expertise. It is also only a matter of time before you find that you need to look to foreign sources for your specific project needs.

More and more future projects will entail the collaboration of diverse professionals located in various countries. So what can you do? Prepare your internal processes and line up the resources and partners you will need (such as interpreters, international consultants, and international shipping companies). Most of all-be open to new opportunities.

Make no mistake. The global economy is the next step in the progress of human society. Those who avoid it will find themselves left behind, while those who embrace it will suddenly find themselves with new business opportunities-and even friendships.

If you're one of the many this year who is facing an international project requiring special purpose doors and windows-lean on Krieger's expertise. With more than a dozen international projects completed annually, Krieger has the experience and know-how to make your international door and window installations succeed.
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