Kodak Theatre - state of the art acoustics
The Kodak Theatre, located in Hollywood, CA, celebrated its completion earlier this year. The David Rockwell designed venue seats 3,650 and has hosted numerous televised award ceremonies and concerts; and has been named the new, permanent home of the Academy Awards. Barely open, it has already established itself as one of America's premier showplaces.

Krieger's contribution to this amazing structure began approximately five years ago when Joe Calvillo of Seeley Brothers was contacted by McCarthy Builders to work out a budget for the doors, frames and hardware needed for this acoustically demanding facility.

Because drama and music raise distinctly different acoustical issues, defining the usage and goals is the most critical part of planning a performance facility. In Kodak's instance, it was decided the theatre had to be capable of accommodating vocal and instrumental music, in both amplified and un-amplified format. This meant that the numerous entrance and balcony doors had to act as both a barrier capable of canceling technically amplified reverberations and a surface capable of amplifying natural sound.

Determined to deliver the most comprehensive proposal possible, Joe Cavillo enlisted Krieger's, Bob McCluney to help him with the task. Armed with only a schematic of the project, Bob and Joe utilized their years of experience to hash out the technical, timeline and budgetary specifics that would be needed. The two presented their conceptual ideas to McCarthy Builders, and were immediately recognized for the potential they had to offer this project in terms of coordination, experience and accuracy.

Seeley Brothers was awarded the project, and Krieger was selected to manufacture and install dozens of cherry wood veneer, oversized STC doors within the theatre and throughout the office areas, as well as the windows and hardware needed for the sound control rooms.

A project of Kodak's magnitude requires the kind of contradicting mix of discipline and flexibility that only an experienced team can offer. "The success of this project is a tribute to the relationship and open line of communication that exists between our two firms", Joe says about working with Krieger's team. Facilitating effective communication between the numerous design firms, suppliers and manufacturers that collaborate on a project like this, is an undeniable testament of Krieger's project management capabilities. And the ability to meet schedules despite numerous design changes encountered during construction, is no easy feat that Krieger pulled through seamlessly.

The 180,000-square foot theatre is the centerpiece for Trizec Hahn's 640,000-square-foot Hollywood & Highland retail and entertainment destination. At $615 million, it is the most ambitious real estate development in the world and the most sophisticated and innovative mixture of architectural design and audio media technology. The Kodak Theatre has become an instant, world-class landmark in a destination known for its glitter and glam. Krieger is proud to have contributed to this inspiring project.
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