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Getting together to play with others can be a great time for musicians, but finding a place where the amps can be cranked up and not bother family or neighbors is usually a problem. In the ever-growing music industry, a new type of business model is arising to meet the very special needs of the "true" music artist. As an alternative to playing and recording in a garage or a basement, Jam Crib Music Rehearsal Center has created a franchise model rehearsal space that is available at an affordable price. As most musicians cannot even begin to afford the exorbitant costs of professional recording studios, especially just for the purpose of rehearsing, Jam Crib hopes to fill the need by providing superior rehearsal space equipped with top of the line musical equipment at a price musicians can afford.

Designed to cater to the needs of musicians who play for enjoyment, but also seeking to record a professional demo tape, Jam Crib offers a one of a kind environment. Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jam Crib rehearsal studios will be professionally engineered for external sound control and amazing internal acoustics in every studio. The first studio launched has been installed inside a 5,000 square foot masonry building in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and additional locations are already in the works. Privately owned and financed by Tim Coffel, who has been a professional musician for over 35 years, Jam Crib will most certainly be a hit among musicians in the area.

Not categorized as a recording studio, Jam Crib looks to fill a niche in a market that lacks public rehearsal space. The studio is intended to be used as a tool for evaluating progress and creating demos. At its core, Jam Crib's mission is to inspire the continual pursuit of musicianship with the aid of quality surroundings, and to be the predominant rehearsal venue used by musicians across the country.

To assure maximum protection from external noise, and ensure quality inroom acoustics, Tim Coffel worked closely with Krieger Specialty Products, one of the country's leading custom acoustical door manufacturers. Highly recommended by Coffel's acoustician, DBA Acoustic Inc., Krieger was selected for their ability to deliver a superior product at a very competitive price and in a short period of time. Providing conceptual ideas from the onset, Krieger delivered acoustical consulting for the design of the space, and custom manufactured a total of seven STC 51 rated acoustical doors (one for each studio). The resulting finished construction is more than adequately able to handle the high volume amplified bands that can result from a power packed rehearsal session. As Jam Crib continues to develop and design future locations for this unique business, Coffel plans to continue to lean on Krieger's products and expertise.

Jam Crib's first location in Fort Wayne, offers the choice of 7 rental studios, appropriately titled Studios A through G. Studios A, B or C, offer an Alesis Masterlink CD Recorder, Mackie DFX12 Mixer, Pro Co 8x4 Stagemaster Snake, Samson dB500a PA Speaker, 2 Sennheiser e835 Vocal Microphones, 2 Audio-Technica Pro45 Recording Microphones, 2 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tube Guitar Amps, Hartke Kickback 15 Bass Amp, Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau 5pc Drum Kit and Sabian Ride Crash & Hi-Hat Cymbals. Each of the three studios can be rented for $15-$20 per hour.

Studio D is a drum room equipped with a Yamaha Hip Gig 4 piece Drum Kit, K. Zildjian Ride Crash & Hi-Hat Cymbals. Studio D can be rented for $6-8 per hour.

Studios E & F, offer an Alesis Masterlink CD Recorder, Mackie DFX12 Mixer, Pro Co 8x4 Stagemaster Snake, Samson dB500a PA Speaker, 2 Sennheiser e835 Vocal Microphones and 2 Audio-Technica Pro45 Recording Microphones. Studio E or F can be rented for $10-12 per hour.

Studio G is a sound stage that offers a Mackie 160-VLZ Pro Mixer, 2 Mackie 160 SRM450 Speakers, 4 Galaxy Hot Spot PA5X140 PA Monitors, Pro Co SM1604FBQ50 Snake, 2 Rode NT5 Microphones, Sennheiser HD280Pro Headphones, Sennheiser e609 Microphone, 2 Sennheiser e835 Vocal Microphones, Shure SM57 Microphone and a Shure SM58S Microphone. Studio G can be rented for $30-40 per hour.

In addition to providing quality rehearsal space and the latest acoustics technology, Jam Crib has created the "Jam League", in-studio recreational jam sessions for all ages, and "Jam School", an educational program teaching kids to play together in groups, like rock bands. Jam Crib's education programs will enable musicians to learn in depth skills directly from professionals. The beginner's program alone, features 6 courses that encompass everything from putting together songs to performing them.

"Musicians of all ages who love to play can just come and do it", states Coffel, "We've made it convenient to play with band mates or meet other musicians just looking for someone to jam with". With future Jam Crib locations planned throughout the country, musicians who have been holding out in their basements and garages will finally have a place to rehearse and record. And because Jam Crib's business model focuses on keeping construction and operation costs to a minimum, the savings translate to user affordability. As such, this new wave of affordable rehearsal studio space is expected to more than thrive considering musicians are a customer base that is short on money but committed to keep playing.
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