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Krieger Moves Forward
PICO RIVERA, Ca. - In a competitive response to designs from other manufacturers, Krieger Specialty Products has developed a new door to meet the specifications of acoustical consultants.

The new 2 1/4" thick acoustical door has made it possible for a higher STC rating with an easy to operate door. Weighing approximately the same as the 1 3/4" thick door, the new design still provides a door that utilizes standard builder's locksets and exit devices. The door features a redundant seal configuration that forms an acoustical labyrinth at the jamb. The cam lift hinges and door bottom gasket make a positive seal with the threshold.

Designed with radio, television studios and performing art auditoriums in mind, the dual seal eliminates the use of a latch point, which creates the potential to use push/pull hardware for quieter action. In addition, the dual seal allows a good measure of acoustical performance if a seal becomes damaged or misaligned. The thicker door also allows a greater variety of glass configurations for high performance when incorporating vision lights.

The new design has been tested and certified according to ASTM E-90 at the Western Electro-Acoustical Laboratory (WEAL). It has been given an STC rating of 49. Acoustical test data, tech specs, CAD drawings, hardware recommendations and detail product information are available to acousticians 24 hours a day on Krieger's website.

Krieger Specialty Products continues to meet acoustician demand for high-quality sound barriers that adhere to rigid specifications. The new 2 1/4" thick door is already in place at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and is available to acoustical specifiers nationwide. All doors are built to fit specific conditions with customized options.

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