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Krieger leads industry in customized, special purpose doors and windows
PICO RIVERA, Ca. - Offering some of the highest rated special purpose doors and windows in the industry, Krieger Specialty Products continues to meet architect demand for high-quality, custom products that adhere to high standards. Krieger's acoustical, blast, and bullet-resistant doors in both wood and metal materials are built to fit specific wall conditions while at the same time meeting and/or exceeding ADA and other compliance codes.

Architects will find Krieger products ideal for commercial use as well as heavy-duty industrial applications due to their ease of operation, multiple customized safety features, and compatibility with standard builders' hardware. Krieger also offers field installation and testing, an add-on service for projects that require precise performance.

KriegerSonic acoustical doors are built to fit specific wall conditions with customized options that include manual or power operation, swing or sliding movement, and countless finish options. This customization allows for optimal sound controling in a wide range of settings and applications. Acoustical wood veneer doors are rated to STC 53 (with UL fire ratings up to and including 45 minutes). Hollow metal doors are rated up to STC 55 (with UL fire ratings up to and including three hours). Acoustical windows are also offered in multiple configurations and match the superior STC ratings of Krieger doors. KriegerSonic products can be found in the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Kodak Theater as well as recording studios and private home theaters across the country.

KriegerBlast Blast and Pressure Doors are available in both manual and power generated configurations. Power doors include safety options, such as nonsparking access devices, laser eyes, and safety rated configurations and are fire rated up to and including three hours in accordance with UBC 7-2.

All doors are available up to 12 PSI with acoustical ratings up to STC 53. Blast windows can be constructed using multiple glass types and conform to a variety of blast and pressure ratings. KriegerBlast products can be found at facilities owned by the U.S. Military, General Motors, Chevron and Bayer.

KriegerPlate bullet-resistant doors and windows are offered in numerous configurations and can include voice ports, gun ports, teller windows and pass-through boxes. Products are UL 752 tested and certified for levels 1 through 8, and are available with fire ratings up to and including three hours. KriegerPlate products can be found at the Pentagon, US Post Office facilities and other high security installations.

This summer Krieger will be completing its U.S. Department of Defense testing and certification for Forced Entry products and hopes to roll out new products in Fall 2004.

Krieger Specialty Products, a major supplier of specialty doors and windows for over 60 years, provides estimates, design, manufacturing and installation services worldwide. Their CAD engineer experts, sophisticated plant and computerized machinery help ensure the highest level of reliability and quality. Krieger provides shop drawing services and works one-on-one with clients to ensure optimal design and functionality. Products include doors and windows for sound control, blast and bullet resistance, radio frequency and thermal shielding, and stainless steel applications. For more detailed product information or to preview Krieger's past projects, visit
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