Krieger Specialty Products
Doors and Windows for Campus Security
From active shooter to extreme weather events, university campuses need holistic security solutions that cover all potential hazards. Krieger’s multi-purpose doors and windows can be custom-configured to protect everyone on campus.

Our acoustical doors protect against unwanted sound in campus labs, lecture halls, and more by exceeding the ANSI Standard S12.60-2002. Plus, they can be configured with a bullet resistance rating of UL 752 for added safety during an active shooter event.

During extreme weather, Krieger’s specially designed tornado and hurricane doors are ICC 500-2014 certified and meet or exceed FEMA P-361 and FEMA 320-2014 safe room criteria to keep designated campus areas safe. Plus, the thresholds are ADA compliant.

All Krieger doors and windows can be manufactured in any combination of safety or other specialized needs—including acoustical, bullet and forced entry, radio frequency shielding, and blast/pressure resistance. Plus, all products can be customized by size, style, and finish, making them the perfect fit for your campus.