Five Common Installation Errors
To ensure you get the best performance possible, be sure to avoid the following common installation errors:

Note: These are general guidelines. Each Krieger product is custom manufactured based on the architectural specifications. Please contact Krieger for full details regarding the installation of your product.
Do not mount surface hardware to the door seals.
Find and use the protective "ZEE" brackets provided by Krieger.
Learn more about mounting ZEE brackets
Do not notch the thresholds for the stops.
Cut the sound seals to sit on top of the threshold.
Do not center the threshold in the door jamb.
The leading edge should be installed 1 1/2" proud of the face of the frame on the pull side (wide side) of the door.
Do not butt joint the corner of the neoprene seal at the top corner.
They must be mitered and glued so the fingers line up.
Allow several days for the paint to cure before closing the doors on the sound gasketing.
If the paint is not completely cured the seals will leave black marks on the doors.
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