Krieger Specialty Products
Military and
Defense Agencies
KRIEGER DOORS AND WINDOWS OFFER MILITARY AND DEFENSE AGENCIES a unique combination of high performance security, privacy and aesthetics that can meet both industrial and office settings. Designed for low maintenance and heavy duty daily use, and available in traditional and contemporary finishes, Krieger doors are customizable to fit any size, specification, and performance needs.
Available as complete assemblies for bullet, blast, forced entry, SCIF and Radio Frequency performance, Krieger doors can be used for external envelope entrances to everything from office buildings and testing laboratories, to storage warehouses, data centers, and personnel housing. Doors and windows are custom constructed to meet bullet resistance U.L. Levels 1-8 and NIJ Levels I, IIA, II, IIIA, III & IV, as well as blast and pressures levels from 1 to 20 PSI. Radio frequency, acoustical STC and SCIF ratings can also be added where concerns over information security exist.
Available in industrial, traditional and contemporary finishes, Krieger doors make aesthetically appealing, yet fully secure internal entrances to offices, testing labs, storage rooms, data centers, and dormitories. Plus, Krieger's acoustical and SCIF rated doors are perfect for command centers and offices, while radio frequency shielding assemblies provide NSA 65-6 and MIL STD-285 certified security for electronic information security.
Doors can be designed flush or with vision lights, singles or pairs, including single or bi-parting horizontal sliding doors, and as manual or power operated assemblies depending on your need. Frames, seals and door bottoms are supplied with all assemblies. Customized seals, cam lift hinges, thresholds, locksets, security devices and other hardware are also included and customized to achieve performance and operation needed. Manufacturer's warranty is included and installation services are available.

Krieger's custom designed doors and windows have been used in premier buildings around the world.
Not all doors are created equal. See why Krieger wood doors are superior to standard wood doors.
All Krieger doors are custom manufactured to meet the special requirements of your project.
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