Specialized Combination Doors and Windows
Krieger has tackled some of the most unique and difficult door and window projects in the world. From odd shapes and sizes, to unique configurations and veneers, all the way down to highly specialized hybrid combinations.

All of Krieger's combination doors are custom designed for your project, which allows us to create doors and windows that are any combination of blast, bullet, acoustical, thermal, radio frequency shielding. Plus, virtually any type of veneer can be applied to achieve the aesthetic look you desire. Give us a call today to discuss your project needs.
Success Stories
LA Zoo Animal Health and Conservation Center
Krieger Specialty Products to develop the doors, frames and windows for the hospital's 192 openings. Given the stringent sanitation requirements, stainless steel was the obvious choice for non-porous materials. Krieger helped with recommendations for various stainless steel alloys, and provided insight on how steel coupled with unique core construction can create reinforced doors and frames capable of withstanding even the force of a charging rhino. Krieger's experience in custom fabrication to provide recommendations for fine-tuning the specifications to include one inch thick polycarbonate glazed windows, and doors with tranquilizer "dart ports" for the areas housing animal pens. Read Full Story...
Griffith Observatory
Krieger provided four acoustical doors, rated STC 50, in various areas of the building. The most interesting of the doors contributed was placed on the main dome of the Samuel Oschin Planetarium Theater. The door leads from the roof area into the dome above the theater, where projection equipment is located. To preserve an extra piece of history, the iron cladding was carefully removed from the original door, meticulously restored and then veneered over Krieger's custom manufactured door. Read Full Story...
Aish Ha Torah Synagogue
Krieger team decided to construct two swinging doors, each 22 ft. wide, 14 ft. high and 4 In. thick. To provide good acoustical design and strength, each panel was fabricated with a tubular "skeleton" made of 4 in. tube steel and 14-gauge cold rolled steel skins. Additionally, double-glazed windows on the doors were positioned to match the position of the windows on the outer walls, allowing natural light to pass through the doors whether they were flush with the wall or dividing the room. The acoustical requirement was to maintain an overall NRC 30 value for both rooms, so the design criteria established a required STC rating of 45 or higher. Read Full Story...
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