Acoustical Door and Window Wall Unit
Highest Tested Acoustical Unit
of Its Kind—up to STC 52
Fire Rated up to 90 Minutes
Fully Customizable and
Changeable Configuration
Krieger's new Acoustical Door and Window Wall Unit is fully customizable, ideal for a wide range
of interior and exterior applications such as retail spaces, office buildings, meeting rooms,
and schools—anyplace that requires sound control in combination with day light and visibility.
Lab Tested as a Unit
Unlike other manufactures that test various door and window components separately, Krieger’s Acoustical Door and Window Wall Unit underwent rigorous lab testing—in multiple configurations, testing higher than any other wall unit on the market.

The benefits of being tested as a unit include:
  • Testing for sound loss due to splices in large areas
  • Guaranteed to achieve the desired STC rating
  • Strengthened reproducibility in the field
Customizable, Changeable Configuration
As with all Krieger products, the Acoustical Door and Window Wall Unit can be configured to your exact specifications of size, number and placement of doors and windows and acoustical needs. Best of all, the construction makes it possible to swap out the door and window components in case your needs change.

Choose from a variety of custom finishes, including painted metal, stainless steel, wood veneer, or plastic laminate to meet your aesthetic needs.
Hollow Metal Construction
Hollow metal interior construction provides the unit with superior strength and durability.

Frame Design
Krieger offers standard frame designs and can engineer special frame profiles to complement wall construction and architectural style.
Fire Rated up to 90 Minutes
Most other window wall units are not fire rated, but Krieger's Acoustical Door and Window Wall Unit comes with a fire label and is fire rated up to 90 minutes with glazing or up to 3 hours with acoustical transom and sidelight panels. The acoustical seal can also block in air and actually help regulate temperature and control smoke.
Easier Installation
The perimeter and mullion sections of the Acoustical Door & Window Wall Unit are filled with rock wool material for sound control instead of heavy grouting compound. Rock wool makes the unit lighter weight, which makes installation faster and easier.
Eligible for LEED Credits
The Acoustical Door and Window Wall Unit enables your project to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for day light as well as acoustical standards that can help your project to become LEED certified.
Lowest Frequency Loss
The Window Wall units NVLAP accredited laboratory acoustical test reports demonstrate that our designs have industry-leading transmission loss between the 63 HZ to 125 Hz frequencies, with no deficiencies measured at greater than 95% confidence in dB. The window walls low-frequency performance is best-in-class, making it the ideal choice for locations exposed to traffic and street noise.
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