Thermal Barrier Door Assemblies
Krieger thermal doors and frame assemblies are used for protection against the extremes of cold or heat.
Thermal Protection
U-Value .504 and R-Value 2.0

True Thermal Break assembly including: door, frame, and hardware
Test and Certification
ASTM C236-80
Thermal Door Construction
Constructed with 16 ga. galvanized skins reinforced with internal steel stiffeners, separated by structural isolator.

No metal-to-metal contact.

Doors are factory insulated per ASTM D1940, 2# density rigid urethane, foamed in place and chemically bonded to interior surfaces.
Thermal doors are available in flush design or with vision lights and as single or pairs of hinged doors, including single or bi-parting horizontal sliding doors. All assemblies are available manual or power operated.

Frame Configuration
Krieger offers standard frame designs and can engineer special frame profiles to complement wall construction and architectural style.
Performance Combinations
KriegerEqualizer thermal doors can be manufactured for multiple performance requirements including acoustical, bullet resistance, blast resistance, radio frequency shielding or any combination thereof.
Standard and custom sizes available. No limits.
We can match any finish or create a custom look. Your options are endless.

Wood veneer interior thermal doors may be finish-sanded, primed, sealed with conversion synthetic sealer or completely prefinished prior to shipping.

Stainless steel finishes can be embossed, patterned, etched, bead blasted and colored. Bronze, brass, copper, and plastic laminate finishes are also available.

View sample finish options
Installation Services
Krieger offers various installation services and will provide the necessary shop drawings for your acoustical doors and windows, certification of tested results, and assistance with compliance for all industry standards.
Common Applications
Food Plants
Chemical Plants
Artic locations
Desert locations
Server Farms
Data Warehouses
Research Laboratories
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Made in the USA